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Silver, the first smartphone application developed by the company helps users automatically organize their photos, eliminate poor quality photos and duplicates, and share their best photos. Optimized self-learning algorithms produce results that are real-time and highly accurate to ensure users find the photos(s) they are looking for within just a few seconds. ; ; Silver offers the following features.; Categorization: Silver helps you create categories for quick-access. Once you create a category, silver automatically finds out all photos that are relevant. Examples - Your photos, photos of favorite friends, favorite groups, etc. It also auto-creates categories such as - whatsapp, documents, business cards, etc.; Clutter-free gallery: All unnecessary photos in the gallery such as duplicate photos, bad photos and auto-downloads are identified and de-prioritized; Integration with services: It integrates seamlessly with all services such as Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, etc. for importing and sharing of photos.