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It’s a no-brainer that for anything you wish to remember, you can always open your phone and set a reminder for the same. But wait? How often do you actually stop to do that? Worse still, what about those times when it is someone else who needs to remind you of something crucial? How many times in your jam-packed schedule have you juggled your last minute errands, only to discover that the most important thing that needed reminding totally skipped your mind? And then you have either your friend cribbing or your wife complaining about your short-term memory loss! But all that is now set to change with our first product Remind’em, An android application that gives you the unmatched ability to set reminders in others’ phones and alert them exactly When it’s required, exactly Where it’s required!; ; Say for instance, one has to pay is credit card bill. You would either setup a reminder in your phone or remind someone who will pay it for you by sending an sms or last minute calling. The person reads your message but forgets everything by the evening lost in his own concerns. As a result you miss the deadline.; ; Using Remind’em, One can simply avoid situations like these. Concerned credit card company can directly push reminder on your phone or you can set up a reminder in the concerned person’s phone and alert them well in time without burdening yourself of remembering stuff only to forget it at last moment.; ; Remind’em gives you the power to set up location reminders as well, so next time you want your husband to pick-up something on his way back from office, don’t overload him with last moment bustle. Simply set a location reminder outside his office to remind him when he leaves the premises.