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EClinic 24/7 (Singularity Healthcare IT Systems Private Limited)

Several customer segments today are underserved by the lack of high quality primary care on-demand. Take for example, the case of an aged person with reduced mobility. Typically, if they have non-emergency issues (cold, cough, sore throat etc) they are just self-treated by the family since transporting them to a hospital is a major logistic exercise. Parents with small children at home, expectant mothers, busy professionals who don’t get time to attend to minor ailments due to their busy schedule and delay treatment until it becomes worse – these are some more of the many segments of customers that will benefit from a primary care service that is accessible anywhere, anytime.; ; Our Solution:; Our platform consists of a set of e-channels through which we enable primary care consultations to happen by connecting the doctors and patients in real-time. These channels include telephone based triage/consult, a Mobile App for on-demand Video consultations, voice/SMS based callback requests, chat messenger and email based consults. We also maintain cloud based Health Records that are accessible by the Patients and the Doctors which enables the contextual information required for a high quality consultation.