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Appknox (XYSec Labs Pte. Ltd.)

Appknox is a simple way to check for security vulnerabilities. We offer a cloud based platform to upload the binary file and results are shared within a few minutes. We do not need access to source code thus reducing friction. Also, we offer continuous integration via APIs that developers can consume to make their development process hassle-free. ; Appknox is a completely automated tool with CI integration. Developers prefer not to operate another standalone tool for security because it adds complexity to their already messy job. CI test integration makes their life easier and reduces friction in adoption.; Appknox updates any new threat within 48 hours. Our scanner is self learning – updates triggered by one app or new threat will benefit all other apps in the system. Report contains almost no false negatives and false positives, thus reducing the time wastage for developers. A continuous scoring system helps app developers maintain good coding practices thus assuring a high quality of code. Scanner is smart enough to find all the threats and loopholes with only binary code.