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Senior Vice President
Bengaluru Area, India
I have a passion for selling applications on the Ruby on Rails platform. In over 5 years of selling Ruby on Rails based applications, (from Rails 1.2 to the latest running version of Rails), I have worked with clients across 5 countries and delivered more than 100 projects. More importantly, I have managed a retention rate of 95% with my clients. With the help of my team, I am keenly examining the potential of Rhomobile and the ability to branch into cross-platform mobile applications based on Rails.

Winning the first deal with a client is, to me, just the start of the process. What excites me is the process of working closely with the client, and watching business opportunities unravel over time. Seeing the customer achieve returns on the investments they have made, is a big motivator.
The bulk of my clients have been entrepreneurs. I would like to believe that we have, over time, perfected the art of offshore delivery with startups. Startups have great ideas. What they need is a technology partner who can take these ideas to a greater level of clarity, and then on to technology reality. This evolution from ideas to clarity to reality is what we, at Sumeru, specialize in.
I have also had the opportunity to work with several investors over the past few years. I know, as a result, what investors look for. I, alongwith my tech team, have also been present on investor demos. I am quite proud to say that some of my customers call me the ‘honorary CTO’ for their company!

My prior experience with delivering projects has given me an edge over several other 'typical' salespeople. It has provided me with the know-how to better understand the client's issues, and also where necessary provides me with the competence to be a bridge between the client and the delivery team.

Specialties: Selling web applications on Ruby On Rails, Ongoing Account Management, Maturing a deal into a long-term relationship leading to an increased Return On Investment for the client.